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Medicare compliance can be scary, but we’re here to help!

As we approach the 2024 AEP, it’s vital that you prepare your business to comply with the most up-to-date CMS marketing guidelines.

If you follow along with this guide, you can take a deep breath and know that you have everything you need to succeed.

What is the goal of these guidelines?

CMS wants to ensure that marketing and communications materials do not mislead, confuse, or provide inaccurate information to current or potential Medicare Advantage enrollees.

How does CMS define marketing?

CMS defines marketing as “content that mentions any type of benefit covered by the plan and is intended to draw a beneficiary’s attention to plan or plans, influence a beneficiary’s decision-making process when selecting a plan, or influence a beneficiary’s decision to stay enrolled in a plan (retention-based marketing).”

Even stating that beneficiaries can “receive benefits such as dental, vision, cost-savings, and/or hearing services” is enough information to be classified as marketing.

Starting July 10, 2023…

All marketing materials (mail, tv, social media, etc.) that mention any benefit will be considered marketing and must be submitted to our compliance team. We will help you get it approved by CMS.

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